If it were just a hobby, we wouldn't have to be this cheap.
"Thank you so much for the excellent broken pen and the quick delivery. I fully recommend you to any potential customer”.
Mark - London

“I did my research and you are by far the best value seller of Used Empty water bottles in the UK (I also looked overseas but you were still cheaper)”.
Adam, Worcester

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“I Bought an old mobile phone (broken of course) for my Dad’s 50th Birthday. He is over the moon with it. Thank you. X Jenny.” -Jennifer

Welcome to our risk free shooping website. With us you can buy the best value products from the UK. All offers are genuine! Free delivery! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Just choose something and fill out the form - we will send out a product to you...at some point in the future. Wow - You can pay by credit or debit card! Unbelievable!

Just to get you in the mood,
Fill out the simple form below and become a chosen one!!!

What is your choise?

an old apple - only £69
a pencil ( if you are lucky - broken) £49
3 used matches - £99
a stone (small,I found it in my garden)- £99
used empty water bottle- £199
3 x empty match boxes- £359
2 x pencils- £99
OTHER (please specify - but we already know what to send you):

When do you need it for?(we are always late!!)

You WILL PAY (but how?):
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